Simply put, we are relentless about quality. You'll taste
the Seviroli difference in all these ways:

Our ingredients are truly superior.
We use only the finest semolina and search the world for the best spices,
herbs and other premium ingredients that go into
creating our delicious filled pastas.

Our equipment is imported from Italy,
the "pasta capital of the world".

The texture of our pasta is in the best Italian tradition…
rolled very thin and tender, yet with the perfect "al dente" texture.

Our fillings are unusually generous
in ratio to the pasta, so the taste of the ingredients sings in
the mouth. Cut into our ravioli, and you'll see luscious chunks
of meat, portabella mushrooms or lobster and shrimp. We
never use empty fillers like potato starch. We use only
authentic ingredients our grandmothers used when making
pasta from scratch.

Our nutrition is superior…
because our ingredients are so pure, and because our filled
pastas offer an excellent balance of carbohydrates and protein,
just dress lightly with olive oil, butter or sauce, add a salad and
you have a complete meal on the table in minutes.

     Our Family Just Got BIGGER...

      Seviroli Foods is your source of chef inspired, artisan filled pasta & sauces. Family owned and operated in New York since 1960, Seviroli is not only the world's largest tortellini manufacturer, but also offers a full line of authentic & innovative filled pasta, sauces and Italian desserts. With the recent acquisition, D'Orazio foods will be folded into the Seviroli organization, preserving the long-honored family traditions and cultures important to both companies. Both launched in the 1960's, the combination of these two venerable businesses will further increase our overall capacity to meet growing consumer demand while continuing to raise the bar and push new boundaries in the pasta world.

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Seviroli is a family-owned business whose
number one priority is to provide a culinary
dining experience to our customers both inside
and outside the home.

Because our business is family-owned and operated, we take your satisfaction personally. We've spent our lives creating superb pastas that you can serve with pride and confidence.

Everything about our products, from the ingredients to the recipes to our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, reflects our passion for family and the best of Italian food traditions.