Only The Best!
Like you, we demand superb quality from our suppliers.


  • We are highly selective in our search for the best cheese,
    vitamin enriched durum and semolina wheat, freshest and
    most flavor-intense herbs and spices. We search Italy and
    the world.
  • All ingredients received are tested for quality and
    specifications prior to being released to production.
  • We purchase and grate our own Imported Romano to
    ensure authenticity.
  • Our ravioli's average 60% filling/40% dough — the
    most generous fill in the industry.
  • Slice into one of our filled pastas, and you will see
    tempting and savory chunks of real ingredients… shrimp,
    crab, lobster, portabella mushrooms.
  • Our IQF (Instant Quick Frozen) technology preserves
    the integrity of our ingredients, for just-cooked flavor
    and texture and also enables amazingly quick and easy